Call for Justice is a Delhi-based social and not-for-profit trust. The primary objective of the organisation is to ensure that fair and impartial justice, free of propaganda, media influence and prejudged notions, is delivered.

Call for Justice strongly believes that in a globalised and media-dominated world, the cause of justice is often sacrificed at the hands of the dominant discourse. Often, the real perpetrator of the crime becomes the victim and the victim is portrayed as the criminal. Call for Justice endeavours to set right such polluted discourse.

On several occasions, coloured discourses and attempts by vested interests have sought to frustrate justice. On such situations, Call for Justice has stepped in and constituted commissions comprising individuals of impeccable integrity and eminence, with the mandate to visit the ground and find facts based on hard evidence. Such commissions have usually been chaired by retired Judges and typically comprise of men and women who have rendered yeoman contribution or are actively engaged in the fields of social service, criminology, public service, science and law. 


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